Benefits of CBD for cats

CBD for Cats Benefits: Clear And Unbiased Facts

What Is CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD is the typical abbreviation for cannabidiol – one of many cannabinoids or compounds in the hemp plant. Most of us have heard of the cannabinoid THC, another compound found in the hemp plant. While located in the identical plant, CBD and THC are very different substances that create various responses in the human and animal bodies.

THC causes the psychoactive reaction known as “being high,” but CBD will not get you or your cat high. Instead, this cannabinoid has become widespread because of the significant wellness benefits achieved without any psychoactive effects. Hemp-derived CBD for cats is extracted from industrial hemp, a plant that cannot legally contain more than 0.3 percent THC. Industrial hemp is deliberately designed to be non-intoxicating.

The CBD for Cats Benefits

CBD Can Help With Your Cat’s Movement

Senior cats struggle with standing, walking, and jumping – all critical elements of a happy kitty life! Daily pain can reduce your cat’s freedom of movement and make it challenging to participate in their favorite activities. Some cat parents have noticed that, with the appropriate diet, periodic exercise, and the use of CBD tinctures for cats, Socks is a little more eager to chase after his favorite laser pointer or ball of yarn!

Similarly, if your cat is recovering from an injury or has undergone surgery, you might detect less movement as they recover. Their activity is naturally limited during this time, but a swift and full recovery is essential for you and your kitty. CBD for cats can be an ideal way to improve any physical treatment your cat may need to heal.

CBD May Increase Your Cat’s Appetite

Your cat might sometimes be uninterested in food or have trouble knowing when he should stop eating. While recurring problems may not be concerning, talk to your veterinarian if your cat’s appetite varies unexpectedly.

Suppose your cat is just a picky eater at times or likes to overindulge at others. In that case, you may discover the addition of CBD to your kitty’s daily routine can have some positive overall wellness benefits. The ECS has some impact on appetite, so CBD for cats benefits may be an excellent choice to maintain a healthy diet.

Use CBD Cat Treats for Calming Support

Cat owners have noted that CBD can contribute to relaxation and well-being in their cats. Does your cat hide under the couch when strangers come or constantly meow while you’re away? These are stress signs – your kitty’s showing you they are scared and uncomfortable. Pet owners have witnessed that CBD treats for cats and cat calming oil can help ease everyday pain issues and leave their feline friends more comfortable.

CBD Oil for Cats May Benefit Your Cat’s Skin

​​Many cat owners have experienced skin problems in their kitty. Irritated, dry, or scaly skin on their exposed belly or beneath the fur on other body parts are common occurrences. Some pet owners have said one of the benefits of CBD for cats in topical form is that they’ve noticed healthier, less irritated skin.

Fostering Peace in Multi-cat Households

When a new cat is brought home, disagreement with other cats in the household can be expected. While we suggest a multi-step process for introducing a cat (read tips from our friends at PAWS here), CBD can help with the initial transition. It’s best to offer CBD to both the resident cat and the new cat to keep them both in a calmer state until the relationship becomes mutually positive. CBD works equally well to get dogs and cats to coexist peacefully.

Some Products are Restricted Depending on The Country

Cats are highly bonded to their environment, and most do not appreciate having their security upended with traveling. CBD can be used situationally, as needed, to reduce anxiety at these times. CBD can gently calm your cat without sedation, making journeys to the groomer or veterinarian easier for both your cat and the professional.

We suggest dosing your cat with CBD about a half hour before you plan to leave for your arrangement. CBD can help them stay calmer and quieter without prescription medications if you travel by car or airplane with your cat. If you’re planning a more extended trip, it’s best to experiment at home beforehand to ensure you’re offering the ideal dose.

The Top 5 Conditions CBD For Cats Can Be Used For

CBD oil is an all-natural supplement that’s widely used for treating a variety of ailments in both humans and animals. Because CBD is all-natural, it can be used occasionally or long-term. The most common use of CBD oil is by owners of cats with epilepsy, pain related to organ and joint inflammation, and situational and chronic anxiety. While it’s not a cure for any of these conditions, CBD oil can provide relief for your pet.


Cats can experience anxiety just like humans do. They may become anxious when exposed to new situations or when they experience pain or discomfort. Health problems such as chronic pain, which can cause symptoms like accidents, destructive behavior or even aggression, can cause anxiety in cats. Left untreated, anxiety can lead to more severe health issues.

Feline anxiety may present as pacing, hiding, panting, or other unusual behaviors. Left untreated, anxiety can cause symptoms like accidents, destructive behavior, or even aggression. CBD reduces the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can trigger unwanted anxiety behaviors. It also provides a calming effect on your cat’s endocannabinoid system. CBD for cats is one of the best supplements for cat anxiety because it is effective without any side effects.


In addition to providing neuroprotective benefits, CBD has been shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures in cats with epilepsy. A seizure is a way that the brain releases excess electrochemical energy, but they’re a frightening experience for both cat and owner. CBD is known to have neuroprotective qualities and is considered an effective anticonvulsant.


Arthritis is a common problem in cats and dogs, though the ways it manifests can vary. You might notice your cat is moving more slowly, unable to jump as high, or have other mobility issues. Left untreated, arthritis can chip away your cat’s comfort and quality of life.

Age does affect the frequency of diagnosis, as older cats are most likely to be diagnosed with arthritis, but cats of all ages can develop arthritis. CBD has effectively treated arthritis in cats by targeting the brain’s vanilloid receptor, decreasing pain perception and increasing energy levels.

Pain relief

Inflammatory bowel disease can be managed by cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Because this disease is caused by inflammation, CBD is useful for managing it thanks to its ability to reduce swelling and the discomfort it causes. It isn’t a cure, but if used frequently, your pet will be free from most of this disease’s harmful side effects.

Furthermore, unlike additional cannabis plant derivatives, CBD isn’t psychoactive; it won’t make your pet high. Cannabidiol helps manage IBS symptoms (vomiting, nausea, and pain) and reduces stress and chronic inflammation inside the digestive tract.

Kidney disease

Although CBD oil will not cure kidney disease, it can help manage some symptoms of traditional treatments. CBD oil can help alleviate some of the negative issues a cat may experience, as with other treatments based on symptom relief. Studies show that it takes time for CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream, with cats drinking less than dogs. Thus, you may need to give your cat more CBD to get its full benefits.

Choosing the Best CBD for Cats

Cats have a unique digestive system, which means that a good cat CBD oil product will be formulated specifically for cats and their digestion. Your chosen product must use a high-quality, trustworthy CBD oil. It’s also vital that your chosen product uses high-quality, reliable CBD oil that is extracted from hemp plants grown in optimal conditions. They will also isolate and test the CBD using a CO2 extraction process instead of cheaper but harmful chemical processes.

The best CBD oil for cat will be: 

Extracted from domestically grown hemp. Department of Agriculture closely monitors hemp production to ensure the highest quality plant from which CBD can be derived. We offer several different potencies for your cat, based on their weight, to develop the perfect wellness routine. Products made from hemp are legally available to be sold across most of the United States, but certain states still restrict how much THC content is permitted in any given product.

Available in various strengths.The size of a cat can vary considerably. As a result, the dosage of CBD oil required by cats differs depending on their weight. Cat size can range from the tiny Singapura to the famously large Maine Coon, so you’ll want to choose a cat CBD oil that comes in mild and robust varieties based on your cat’s weight.

Made from Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula. Our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts are made with a proprietary process that ensures the product contains all the goodness of CBD and other vital cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant but without any THC.

Third-party lab tested.The best CBD cat products will come with a Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory. This is important as it means you can trust the results of the tests—the lab has no incentive to alter the results and is therefore unlikely to do so.

Best Types of CBD Products for Cats

Top 5 Picks For Best CBD Cat Oils

1. HolistaPet CBD Oil

CBD Content300 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

As a non-GMO, no gluten, and no dairy oil, HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats is also one of the healthiest products on the pet CBD market.

That said, HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats is available in five strengths. However, cat owners should only be interested in the 15ml bottle intended for smaller pets, specifically those under 20 lbs.


  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Affordable price
  • Cat-friendly flavor
  • Third-party tested
  • Free shipping
  • Organic
  • Colorado hemp source


  • Some customers complain about long shipping time

2. Honest Paws CBD Oil For Cats

CBD Content125 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

The first CBD product cat owners should consider is Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats – Well. Each milliliter contains 4 mg, a dose suitable for the majority of cats.

As a certified organic product, you don’t have to worry about whether pesticides and other substances are harmful to your cat. Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats – Well contains a number of terpenes alongside CBD, which may increase its benefits


  • Best for cats with inflammation
  • Organic full-spectrum hemp oil
  • 4 mg of CBD per dropper
  • GMO, soy, and corn-free


  • The natural flavor might be off-putting to some cats

3. Medterra CBD Tincture For Pets

CBD Content150 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

When it comes to the best CBD oil for your cat, Medterra is definitely an option to consider. Their pet CBD oil comes in three concentrations and two tasty flavors as well as an unflavored option.

If you’re looking for a liquid CBD for your cat, you may find the options limited when it comes to flavor. Felines tend to be picky eaters and the last thing you want to do is spend good money on a supplement just to have your pet turn up his nose.


  • Variety in potency
  • Chicken and beef flavors
  • Comes with a dropper applicator
  • Suitable for cats + dogs


  • No free shipping for one-time orders

4. NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil

CBD Content300 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

According to over 2,000 inspired customers, NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil is most effective with mobility issues and arthritis.

This budget-friendly CBD oil is also recommended as an excellent remedy against anxiety and stress, sore and weak joints. External lab tests available on NuLeaf Naturals’ website support the quality and safety of this product.


  • Best hemp oil for cats with mobility issues and arthritis
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • America’s pioneering CBD oil brand
  • Free shipping


  • Only natural flavor

5. CBDfx – CBD Oil Cat Tincture

CBD Content250 mg
CBD TypeBroad spectrum

CBDfx CBD Oil Cat Tincture offers an all-natural CBD product that is a good choice for senior cats. It contains anti-inflammatory CBD and cannabigerol (CBG), which may relieve conditions including epilepsy. The tasty chicken flavor makes it easy to give to picky cats too. You can incorporate it into meals (unless they are heated), or administer it directly into your cat’s mouth.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD product
  • Chicken flavor
  • Organic and non-GMO


  • MCT carrier oil may cause digestive upset

Top 5 Picks For Best CBD Cat Treats


CBD per Treat2 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

Salmon-flavored treats are among the best grain-free kitty CBD treats on the market and contain no filler ingredients. This is beneficial because every active ingredient can provide the maximum amount of benefits it’s supposed to provide.

Many customers have praised the majority of HolistaPet products, saying that their cats with specific health problems that leave them with lower appetites still manage to eat HolistaPet treats. Many customers also report that they have nothing but praise for the majority of HolistaPet products. And if you’re looking for good CBD cat treats for arthritis or other health issues, the HolistaPet product could easily prove to be just what your pet needs.


  • Pure and organic hemp
  • Relatively affordable CBD cat treats
  • Available in CBD soft chews
  • 100% quality assurance
  • Lab tested
  • No THC Cruelty-free
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • High-quality cat CBD oil


  • Only accessible for ordering online

2.Petly CBD Cat Food Topper

CBD per Treat7 – 10 mg (one serving)
CBD TypeBroad Spectrum

Petly is an up-and-coming CBD brand that offers supplements for cats and dogs. However, it’s already proving to be one of the leading companies in the business due to its products being made from organic hemp grown in Colorado. Petly’s treats are free of harmful substances and offer no adverse side effects, making them some of the top hemp treats for cats—and dogs—for anxiety and pain relief.

The company offers two types of CBD treats—one with a fish flavor and the other with chicken flavor. The fish-flavored treat contains essential fatty acids and calcium, while the chicken-flavored one contains essential fatty acids and calcium as well. Besides delicious flavors and CBD, they also contain other healthy ingredients, like essential fatty acids and calcium—the two nutrients your cat can easily benefit from.


  • Made from fully organic hemp
  • Great for pain relief and anxiety
  • Great food topper alternative
  • Formulated by veterinarians 


  • The customer support service could be improved

3.Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats

CBD per Treat2 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

Honest Paws offers a wide range of CBD cat treats and other great pet products. We recommend their treats because each has an incredible combination of several ingredients: first of all, a great dosage of CBD, and then silvervine, passionflower powder, and chamomile flower powder.

More precisely:

  • Silvervine is used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine and is a well-known cat stimulant
  • Passionflower is very calming and ideal for separation anxiety and fear in cats
  • Chamomile flower has the same effect on the brain and nervous system as anti-anxiety medicine 

Honest Paws treats are lab tested by independent agencies, so you know these effects are legitimate. They’re organic and GMO-free and made from Colorado-grown hemp. The chews come in various flavors, including chocolate peanut butter, banana bread and tomato basil. The instructions clearly state how much CBD per body weight is the ideal dosage, and the treats are easy to digest.


  • Calms energetic cats 
  • Easy to administer 
  • Suitable for smaller cats as well +
  • Highly reputable company


  • May need to be mixed with food as not all cats like the taste

4.Paw CBD

CBD per Treat1 or 2 mg
CBD TypeBroad Spectrum

CBD pet treats for cats from cbdMD are some of the best CBD cat edibles available. We want to emphasize how well they are made and how easy it is for most cats to eat them. You also get a lot of choices if you decide to try them. You can choose between four different products that differ in taste and amount of CBD per treat:

Soft CBD chews with Chicken & Catnip flavor and 1mg of CBD per treat

Soft CBD chews with Chicken & Catnip flavor and 2mg of CBD per treat 

Soft CBD chews with Salmon flavor and 1mg of CBD per treat

Soft CBD chews with Salmon flavor and 2mg of CBD per treat

If you’re looking for a way to help your cat overcome anxiety, high-stress levels, and other health issues, you should consider trying cbdMD’s CBD for cats treats. All products are ISO certified by third parties and use premium hemp extracts that contain CBD, CBG, and CBN. With such quality ingredients, it’s only natural that cbdMD’s CBD for cat treats offers many benefits. They include calming effects, reduced stress, kidney support, and improved physical comfort.


  • Very easy for most cats to chew
  • Treats contain CBG and CBN 
  • Great diversity of products
  • Highly reputable company


  • Some customers found the smell to be too strong

5.Pet Hemp Company

CBD per Treat1 or 2 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

Pet Hemp Company uses high-quality ingredients to produce CBD cat treats that offer your pet the full benefits of cannabidiol. The balance, lab test results, consistent dosage, and great reviews highlight this product as one of the best CBD snacks on the market.

Although this brand is relatively new to the industry, it has gained much trust in just a few years due to its ability to improve pets’ health without causing any side effects. Additionally, Pet Hemp Company collaborated with The Veterinarian Board of Advisors to obtain up-to-date pet information for their products so they can be made from organically grown Colorado hemp without any harmful side effects.

The company’s brand claim that its CBD treats work well when consumed to relieve pain and discomfort and to soothe muscle or joint soreness. In addition, they claim that their product can regulate cat appetite and aid digestion. As a result, the company claims that its product promotes better sleep while calming anxious behavior.


  • Cat-friendly fish flavor will be a hit with your cat
  • Easy-to-use CBD-infused cat treats
  • THC-free formula
  • Certificate of analysis available


  • Might lead to an allergic reaction in some cats
CBD for cats benefits

Introducing CBD Oil to Your Cat

Proper dosing is essential to reap the benefits of CBD for cats. Figuring out precisely what works for your cat and its unique needs will take some time, so be patient with the process. Here is how to introduce pet CBD oil to your kitty’s routine:

  • Do your research. You have taken a significant step toward choosing the right food for your cat. After making the purchase, read all the instructions, ingredients and other packaging information available to you, including detailed information on the best amount for your cat’s weight.
  • Have a chat with your veterinarian. You must inform your vet of any changes you make to your cat’s routine, including adding CBD oil to its diet.
  • Start small. For all cats, whether large or small, start with the smallest recommended daily amount of food for that cat’s weight. You might not see results immediately, so wait 30 days before increasing the amount.
  • Watch closely. During this month-long period, watch your cat closely and consider their everyday activities and behaviors. Are they scrambling up the cat tower a little more quickly? Do they continue to nap on the couch even when the doorbell rings? Are they scarfing down their yummy dinner with a little more enthusiasm? The benefits of CBD for cats might appear in small ways.
  • Increase if needed.If you have not noticed any improvement in your cat’s health after 30 days of giving the product, you might need to increase the serving size.

My cat is on medications. Can I still give my cat CBD?

Although contraindications are rare, you should check with your veterinarian before giving CBD oil to a cat taking prescription medications.

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