Best CBD cat treats

Best CBD Cat Treats 2023 in US – Reviews & Guide

Why Did We Choose These 3 Brands To Be On Our List?

We put together this list of CBD pet treats by focusing on several quality standards: clean ingredients and high-quality extract. Clever marketing just doesn’t cut it, so we want to make sure that the CBD treats you get for your cat are packed with clean ingredients and high-quality extract.

Ingredients List

If your cat suffers from any chronic health condition, he or she deserves the highest-quality food. We selected companies that manufacture CBD oil-infused cat treats with care. You’ll find that the treats we outlined below don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Instead, they focus on natural ingredients to create a tasty product that your cat will love and benefit from.

Third-Party Lab

As CBD is not regulated, the company you purchase from must follow through with third-party lab testing. This independent testing confirms the purity and potency of their products. This ensures that customers know exactly what they are purchasing and helps ensure accountability to its customers.

Company Reputation

We’ve compiled a list of well-known CBD companies. These companies have excellent reputations and have continued to innovate their product lines to satisfy the many needs of their customers.

Consumer Feedback

We wanted to learn more about the foods cats like, so we asked cat parents for their recommendations. Cat parents have loved each treat featured here for how it helps their pets’ health and also by cats because it’s a challenge to find treats that both people and cats love.

Top 5 Picks For Best CBD Cat Treats


CBD per Treat2 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

Salmon-flavored treats are among the best grain-free kitty CBD treats on the market and contain no filler ingredients. This is beneficial because every active ingredient can provide the maximum amount of benefits it’s supposed to provide.

Many customers have praised the majority of HolistaPet products, saying that their cats with specific health problems that leave them with lower appetites still manage to eat HolistaPet treats. Many customers also report that they have nothing but praise for the majority of HolistaPet products. And if you’re looking for good CBD cat treats for arthritis or other health issues, the HolistaPet product could easily prove to be just what your pet needs.


  • Pure and organic hemp
  • Relatively affordable CBD cat treats
  • Available in CBD soft chews
  • 100% quality assurance
  • Lab tested
  • No THC Cruelty-free
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • No artificial preservatives
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • High-quality cat CBD treat


  • Only accessible for ordering online

2.Petly CBD Cat Food Topper

CBD per Treat7 – 10 mg (one serving)
CBD TypeBroad Spectrum

Petly is an up-and-coming CBD brand that offers supplements for cats and dogs. However, it’s already proving to be one of the leading companies in the business due to its products being made from organic hemp grown in Colorado. Petly’s treats are free of harmful substances and offer no adverse side effects, making them some of the top hemp treats for cats—and dogs—for anxiety and pain relief.

The company offers two types of CBD treats—one with a fish flavor and the other with chicken flavor. The fish-flavored treat contains essential fatty acids and calcium, while the chicken-flavored one contains essential fatty acids and calcium as well. Besides delicious flavors and CBD, they also contain other healthy ingredients, like essential fatty acids and calcium—the two nutrients your cat can easily benefit from.


  • Made from fully organic hemp
  • Great for pain relief and anxiety
  • Great food topper alternative
  • Formulated by veterinarians 


  • The customer support service could be improved

3.Honest Paws Calm CBD Soft Chews for Cats

CBD per Treat2 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

Honest Paws offers a wide range of CBD cat treats and other great pet products. We recommend their treats because each has an incredible combination of several ingredients: first of all, a great dosage of CBD, and then silvervine, passionflower powder, and chamomile flower powder.

More precisely:

  • Silvervine is used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine and is a well-known cat stimulant
  • Passionflower is very calming and ideal for separation anxiety and fear in cats
  • Chamomile flower has the same effect on the brain and nervous system as anti-anxiety medicine 

Honest Paws treats are lab tested by independent agencies, so you know these effects are legitimate. They’re organic and GMO-free and made from Colorado-grown hemp. The chews come in various flavors, including chocolate peanut butter, banana bread and tomato basil. The instructions clearly state how much CBD per body weight is the ideal dosage, and the treats are easy to digest.


  • Calms energetic cats 
  • Easy to administer 
  • Suitable for smaller cats as well +
  • Highly reputable company


  • May need to be mixed with food as not all cats like the taste

4.Paw CBD

CBD per Treat1 or 2 mg
CBD TypeBroad Spectrum

CBD pet treats for cats from cbdMD are some of the best CBD cat edibles available. We want to emphasize how well they are made and how easy it is for most cats to eat them. You also get a lot of choices if you decide to try them. You can choose between four different products that differ in taste and amount of CBD per treat:

Soft CBD chews with Chicken & Catnip flavor and 1mg of CBD per treat

Soft CBD chews with Chicken & Catnip flavor and 2mg of CBD per treat 

Soft CBD chews with Salmon flavor and 1mg of CBD per treat

Soft CBD chews with Salmon flavor and 2mg of CBD per treat

If you’re looking for a way to help your cat overcome anxiety, high-stress levels, and other health issues, you should consider trying cbdMD’s CBD for cats treats. All products are ISO certified by third parties and use premium hemp extracts that contain CBD, CBG, and CBN. With such quality ingredients, it’s only natural that cbdMD’s CBD for cat treats offers many benefits. They include calming effects, reduced stress, kidney support, and improved physical comfort.


  • Very easy for most cats to chew
  • Treats contain CBG and CBN 
  • Great diversity of products
  • Highly reputable company


  • Some customers found the smell to be too strong

5.Pet Hemp Company

CBD per Treat1 or 2 mg
CBD TypeFull Spectrum

Pet Hemp Company uses high-quality ingredients to produce CBD cat treats that offer your pet the full benefits of cannabidiol. The balance, lab test results, consistent dosage, and great reviews highlight this product as one of the best CBD snacks on the market.

Although this brand is relatively new to the industry, it has gained much trust in just a few years due to its ability to improve pets’ health without causing any side effects. Additionally, Pet Hemp Company collaborated with The Veterinarian Board of Advisors to obtain up-to-date pet information for their products so they can be made from organically grown Colorado hemp without any harmful side effects.

The company’s brand claim that its CBD treats work well when consumed to relieve pain and discomfort and to soothe muscle or joint soreness. In addition, they claim that their product can regulate cat appetite and aid digestion. As a result, the company claims that its product promotes better sleep while calming anxious behavior.


  • Cat-friendly fish flavor will be a hit with your cat
  • Easy-to-use CBD-infused cat treats
  • THC-free formula
  • Certificate of analysis available


  • Might lead to an allergic reaction in some cats

What Is CBD and How Does It Work?

CBD treat contains cannabidiol, or CBD, which does not have any mind-altering properties. CBD treat is nature’s supplement that helps relieve anxiety, physical pain, stress, and inflammation in cats. Also, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and processed into CBD treat by diluting it with carrier treat. CBD mixed with carrier treat makes it safer for cats to consume the product. Furthermore, it also helps the car absorb the treat a lot better.

The CBD pet market was expected to reach $400 million in 2021 and it has already surpassed these expectations. The demand for CBD is based on the fact that it produces numerous health benefits, including pain relief, anxiety relief, inflammation relief and stress relief. For all these benefits, consumers give their pets CBD too.

CBD treatments work on cats because they interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body, which are connected to bodily functions. Although CBD comes from cannabis, it contains no psychoactive effects. These effects can be found in THC, which is separated from CBD when extracted from the plant.

CBD cat treats

Benefits of CBD Treats for Cats

CBD treat for cats offers several health benefits because their bodies function similarly to that of humans. The cannabinoids in CBD are pulled toward your cat’s receptors, which helps their little bodies work better. Below are just some of the reasons that cat parents choose to include CBD cat treats in their routine:

Mobility Support / Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help with arthritis in cats. If your cat has arthritis, this painful condition can result in joint inflammation and an overall lack of luster and zest for life. Your cat may have a hard time getting around, doing her usual jumping onto her favorite spots, which could also affect her mental health. While dietary changes can help relieve the symptoms of this condition, most parents find that CBD works miraculously to ease inflammation and relieve pain.

Calm Support / Anxiety Relief

Cats are known for being skittish, and their overall health can be compromised when they’re dealing with acute levels of stress and anxiety. CBD helps your cat experience life more resilient, meaning she can fight against stress and anxiety. CBD is known to help her neurological control activities, allowing her better handle the next road trip, the next vet visit or even the next house guest.

Epileptic Seizure Alleviation

Cats, like humans, can also have epileptic seizures. If your cat suffers from this unpredictable disorder and has frequent seizures, CBD might help reduce the frequency and severity of these attacks.


CBD treat for cats can help with cancer treatments and the many symptoms accompanying cancer treatments. Studies have shown that CBD slows tumor growth. In addition, it has powerful anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects on a wide variety of cancer types in cultured cancer cell lines and mouse tumor models, as evidenced by the research available. On the other hand, CBD has a softer effect on normal cells from the same tissue/organ. The anti-tumor mechanisms differ depending on the type of tumor, ranging from cell cycle arrest to autophagy to cell death or a combination of these processes.

Kidney Disease

CBD should not be used to treat kidney disease but can make the symptoms easier to manage. As with traditional treatments based on symptom relief, CBD can help alleviate some of the negative issues a cat may experience.

Improved Irritable Bowel Disease Symptoms

You can give her CBD treat if you’re interested in helping your cat manage inflammatory bowel disease. Studies have shown that this compound reduces inflammation and pain in cats.


Cat owners may notice that their pets become increasingly agitated when touching, moving, or performing activities that worsen the pain. According to preclinical studies on animal models, CBD can be a remarkable anti-inflammatory compound that can weaken brain pain transmission. CBD’s potential use as an anxiolytic and antidepressant was also highlighted by a study in CNS and Neurological Disorders – Drug Targets. All mammals have the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which works similarly to humans. Therefore, CBD’s calming, painkilling, and anti-inflammatory properties may also translate into our feline friends.

What Side Effects Do Cats Experience from CBD?

CBD is safe for dogs and cats, but more research is needed for cats to prove this further. That’s because CBD is a natural ingredient that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. However, cats can still experience minor side effects, like an upset stomach and drowsiness, often resulting from incorrect dosage. For example, if your cat consumes too much CBD—which can happen if you give them too much of it—they may experience nausea or vomiting. This is why it’s vital to determine the exact dosage before giving your pet any calming CBD treats for cats.

If you give your pet a large amount of CBD, they may experience these side effects:

  • Dry mouth 
  • Lethargy or drowsiness 
  • Low blood pressure or dizziness 
  • Stomach issues like vomiting and diarrhea

How Many CBD Treats Should I Give My Cat?

It is essential to start with a small dose of CBD treat when trying it for the first time with your cat. Cats have small bodies and are more sensitive to endocannabinoids than dogs or humans. Start with 1 mg doses and work your way up in small increments until one of two things happens:

Symptoms start to resolve — A dose of 20mg/kg of CBD is effective for cats, equivalent to one drop per 8 pounds of body weight. These dosage recommendations are based on anecdotal evidence, so they may not be suitable for every cat. For a more accurate dosage recommendation, consult your vet. 

How to Tell If CBD Treat is Working For Your Cat

How can I tell if CBD is working for my cat?

Note the changes in your cat’s mood and activity level before and after administering CBD treat.

Is your cat showing symptoms of joint or back pain? (s/s: low mobility, limping, unwillingness to jump or go upstairs)

Is your cat anxious? (s/s: excessive grooming, aggression, trembling, lethargy)

Does your cat have an inflammatory disease? (as diagnosed by a veterinarian)

Take notes about anything your cat does that seems out of the norm. Over time, as you give your cat CBD treat, you may notice some of its symptoms start to go away. You can look back on your notes to help find more subtle changes in your animal.

How long does CBD take to work?

After giving CBD treat to your cat, you may see results in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. This is common with most cats, but it could take up to two hours for the treat to absorb into your cat’s body. The amount of time that CBD treat works also depends on your cat’s age and weight and which ailment you’re using it for.

CBD tends to work quickly for pressing issues like anxiety or pain, but for chronic problems like arthritis or inflammation, consistent use is needed to see better results. If the CBD treats aren’t working as expected, you may need to increase the dose slightly to get more therapeutic benefits. Talking with your veterinarian about dosage recommendations based on your cat’s medical history is also a good idea.

How do you give a cat CBD treats?

Once your CBD treat is ready, it’s time to administer the first dose. The best way to give CBD treat to your cat is to drop it into their food when they’re not looking. Unlike CBD oil for cats, you can’t just squirt a few drops into their mouth—unless you want to lose a finger.

You have to sneak it into their food so they can take the dose on their terms. If you can get a flavored version of the oil, like fish or chicken, that may be easier for them to tolerate. I suggest starting with a 300 mg bottle of CBD oil or less for your cat and increasing your dosage depending on how well it works for them.

The 300 mg CBD oil dose is low enough to use safely for cats but firm enough that you only need a few drops for the oil to take effect. This dramatically improves the likelihood that your cat will accept the CBD oil instead of clawing your skin off trying to avoid it.Cats can’t have enough treats, so it is best to keep CBD snacks away from their reach.

You can choose to give your pet CBD treats once or twice a week. CBD cat treats don’t have any repulsive smell. Most of these treats get their flavor from chickens, and cats love the chicken flavor. Other ingredients mix with CBD oil, so it is near impossible for you to perceive the smell. However, it is possible for your cat not to like the smell or taste of the treats. If this happens, you can always find treats from different brands and flavors to feed your pet.

Are calming treats safe for cats?

Veterinarians approve that CBD is safe for cats, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from other pet parents who have been using CBD to help their cats enjoy a higher quality of life. You may notice that your cat becomes a bit exhausted and tends to nap a bit more than usual after the first time you administer CBD treats. However, you’ll find that CBD treats are very well tolerated by your pet and provide significantly more health benefits than side effects.

The problem comes with untrustworthy suppliers. Since there is a lack of regulatory oversight by the FDA, some companies take advantage and create products with less than clean ingredients. These companies don’t care much about your cat; instead, they care about making a quick profit.

How We Picked Our CBD Cat Treats

To ensure you select the best CBD cat treats for your cat, there are some essential things to look for and some to avoid.

What to Look For

When selecting CBD cat treats, you want to ensure the ingredients are all-natural. You should always know what’s inside your cat’s food and whether you’re purchasing CBD soft chews or crunchy treats, you should always look for high-quality, natural components. CBD cat treats should contain a protein source like chicken or salmon and be listed first in the ingredients list. Cats also need additional nutrients like fats, which means you should only be purchasing CBD treats made specifically for felines.

When purchasing CBD treats for your cat, look for products made from full spectrum CBD and consider the type of CBD used, whether it’s broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD. Also, look at other ingredients to determine which formula is the best for your cat. Cat CBD treat works versatility and will tend to reach whatever ailment your cat is dealing with. However, some treats with additional ingredients, like superfoods, have a more targeted formula.

What to Avoid

Some CBD treats are much too high in both carbohydrates and sugars. Although your cat might enjoy them, like junk food for humans, this can lead to weight problems like obesity and worse issues like heart problems. When administering cat CBD treat, the goal is to enhance your cat’s health, not harm it. This is why reading the ingredients label is crucial to purchasing CBD cat treats that improve the quality of your cat’s life.

Are CBD treats better for cats than CBD oil products?

If your cat is anxious, CBD oil can be a great way to make your cat feel at ease. Given CBD’s popularity for cats, you have many products to choose from. While it can be challenging to determine which product is better, by thinking about why you want your cat to have CBD oil, you can get the right product for your needs. CBD oil may be the better option if you want to treat severe illness or anxiety because it comes with more beneficial ingredients than treats.

CBD oil is the better option for your cat if it suffers from weight gain, but only if you also buy treats to go with it. In contrast, the goodies will be best if your cat only has moderate issues. The treat will provide enough CBD to help your cat, but it will not add too much CBD unnecessarily. Don’t just think about your cat’s physical health needs. Think about its food preferences, too: most cats do not like the taste of CBD oil directly under their tongue or on their cheek. Thus, most cats prefer CBD treats instead.

Where to buy CBD cat treats?

We recommend purchasing any of the CBD cats treats we’ve listed on the official websites of their respective companies. You have to pick one that you think will work best for your pet and visit the official site through our link. Then, you can purchase the treats through the company’s online store and have them delivered to your home address.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best CBD Treat For Your Cat?

If your cat suffers from pain, discomfort, and other health issues, patronize Holistapet CBD. Their products are formulated to help cats in dealing with these problems. Holistapet CBD offers a variety of treats that can improve body weight without any adverse effects. Additionally, the brand only uses natural ingredients, so you need not worry about side effects. The treats come in various flavors, making them more accessible for your cat.

Pet Hemp Company’s CBD treats are potent, but the brand also produces a product with THC. Holistapet CBD is a better choice for your cat if you want to avoid mind-altering effects. Healthy Petables has treats as potent as those from Pet Hemp Company and Pet Rock.

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