CBD dosage test

CBD for cats dosing chart

Use our handy CBD Dosage Chart to find the perfect amount for your cat!

Pet weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
About 10 pounds   1mg  3mg  5mg
 About 20 pounds 2mg  6mg  10mg
 About 30 pounds  3mg  9mg 15mg 
 About 40 pounds  4mg  12mg  20mg
 About 50 pounds  5mg  15mg 25mg 
 About 60 pounds  6mg  18mg 30mg 
 About 70 pounds  7mg  21mg 35mg 
 About 80 pounds  8mg  24mg 40mg 
 About 90 pounds  9mg  27mg 45mg 
 About 100 pounds  10mg  30mg 50mg