How stressed is you cat?​

How stressed is you cat?​

Many of our pet cats are stressed without us even realising it. Many health problems that cats can develop are made worse by physiological stress. For example, inflammation of the bladder wall (cystitis) is strongly linked to stress hormone in the blood. It is therefore very important that we examine our cat’s social lifestyle rather than reaching for the pills. Cats are sociable to a point but not in the same way as dogs.


So how would you know if your cat might be stressed?? Please take my quiz below to find out…

How to measure the results

0-5 Points

Cats have limited stressors and probably live quite comfortably in their environment.

6-10 Points

Cats have several stressors that could be investigated to see if can be helped to eliminate them.

11-16 Points

Cats have a fair amount of stress to deal with so action should be taken to find a solution to these.

17-23 Points

Cats have a lot of environmental stress and should have that looked at as a priority.

Eddie Patel

PhD, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Combined degree DVM/PhD researcher with 7+ years of laboratory animal research experience with cats. Passionate scientific communicator and team leader dedicated to outreach, training, and mentorship. Expertise and interests include reproduction, development, toxicology, nutrition, metabolism, and animal models.